Ocean Avenue Apartments and Café

Development of a new 47' multi-story mixed-use residential building with ground floor commercial at the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica's Oceanfront Zoning District. The project, designed by Koning Eizenberg Architecture, includes 83 new apartments, including 16 affordable units that will be separately managed by a nonprofit housing organization. The project also includes replacing the existing surface parking lot currently used by Hotel Casa del Mar within the project’s new subterranean garage. The site is half a block from the Santa Monica Beach.

Entitlements secured include: Development Review Permit, Zoning Ordinance Waiver (relating to active commercial design), Zoning Ordinance Major Modification (to allow additional ground floor height for the commercial café), Subdivision map (vesting airspace subdivision), Certified Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Statement of Overriding Considerations, Coastal Development Permit, Design Review. The project approvals were successfully affirmed on appeal.

Hearing bodies: Santa Monica Planning Commission, Santa Monica City Council, Santa Monica Architectural Review Board, California Coastal Commission

Koning Eizenberg Architecture
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