The Park/500 Broadway

Development of a new 84’ mixed-use residential building in Downtown Santa Monica with 249 market-rate residences and 60,000 square feet of ground floor and subterranean restaurant/retail space including a basement-level Trader Joe's. The development agreement includes the approvals necessary for alcohol service in the ground floor and subterranean commercial space, including for the grocery store and restaurants. A key community benefit provided by the project was the development of a 100% Affordable Housing Project with 64 apartments at 1626 Lincoln Boulevard in Downtown Santa Monica that is owned and operated by local non-profit affordable housing provider Community Corporation of Santa Monica. Both the project and the 100% Affordable Housing Project are designed by Koning Eizenberg Architecture.

Entitlements secured include: Development Agreement, General Plan amendment for increased number of stories and Floor Area Ratio, Certified Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Statement of Overriding Considerations, Architectural Review Board Approval, and Development Review Permit, Zoning map amendment, Zoning Ordinance Major Modification and Zoning Ordinance Minor Modification for the associated 100% Affordable Housing Project

Hearing bodies: Santa Monica Planning Commission, Santa Monica City Council, Santa Monica Architectural Review Board

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